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The Human Resources department is committed to build capability and competence of people through learning & leadership development. Its people capability is core to organizational performance, and a systematic management approach to learning & development is integral part of workforce planning here. The focus is on preparing employees to meet business challenges.

Tata NYK is an equal opportunity employer in letter and spirit. The diversity in its people offers variety in ideas, culture, experiences & approaches. Transparent hiring, mentoring & coaching by seniors, employee friendly policies and reward & recognition practices help retention of talent. HR policies keep abreast with industry trends and practices, and flexible work practices boost employee satisfaction.

Spread across Singapore, Kolkata and Mumbai, Tata NYK is a young and creative multi-cultural team. Life at TATA NYK is rich and engaging not only in terms of the work engagements but also in working together as a vibrant team.

At Tata NYK we take "work-life balance" seriously. Our people believe in joy at work and in the accomplishments the workplace offers. While people take work responsibilities seriously, they are encouraged to bring that element of fun and cheer to the workplace. We shall do our best to support wellbeing of employees and their family through our range of employee benefits and offerings.

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